Reasons to Visit The Pilot Boat Inn

The Pilot Boat Inn’s location is perhaps the establishment’s best selling point. The establishment enjoys proximity to the harbor, upmarket boutiques, and traditional shops. The coastal walk is nearby, and you can access a harbor taxi in the summer when going to St. Helens. Of the Pilot Boat Inn’s 2 separate lodges, the Lodge on the Marsh (ideal for bird watchers) is in Brading, whereas Zephyr Cottage enjoys a spectacular sea view.

Character and Style
The Pilot Boat Inn’s parlor features a large room with local paintings for sale displayed on the walls and a log-burning stove for use during cold days. The establishment features large chairs and wooden tables to accommodate the ever-changing group of cyclists, walkers, sailing enthusiasts, and friends that meet throughout the day. The Lodge on the Marsh and Zephyr cottage are the epitome of character. The first is an enticing wooden chalet with a garden and veranda overlooking the Brading Marshes while the other is a spectacular stone-built establishment.

Facilities and Service
The Pilot Boat Inn has some of the most welcoming and friendly staff around. As for facilities, there is occasional live music in the pub and a bike lockup. The Lodge on the Marsh and Zephyr cottage offers you privacy, alongside the conveniences of a bed and Breakfast — daily housekeeping and breakfast hamper.
The rooms are bright and clean with good linen and high ceilings. Model boats and shells at the Zephyr cottage remind you of the sea nearby, while Lodge of the Marsh’s log-cabin appeal is reminiscent of the rural location. Whether you prefer a rural or seaside appeal, the bathrooms will be immaculate. Other resources provided include toiletries, and coffee and tea resources.

Meals & Drinks
The restaurant’s menu predominantly features burgers with a variety of filling options including mustard and apple pork burger, spicy bean burger, garlic, and rosemary lamb burger. Fish is also a common selection, which makes sense given the establishment’s location. Some of the seafood options include Bembridge crab ramekin, homemade scampi, and traditional battered cod and chips. The dessert menu features a delicious brownie made with love by the establishment’s owner. During winter sip on one of Bembridge’s locally brewed ales; during summer take a prosecco or pims onto the terrace. Breakfast is a hamper of fruits, yogurt, cereals, pastries, or a fry up at the pub. Regardless of what time it is, the dining experience at The Pilot Boat Inn is always something to look forward to.…


Things You are Welcome to do in The Pilot Boat Inn

The Pilot Boat Inn’s bar is open throughout the day, so you can enjoy your favorite drink whenever you like. The establishment serves a breakfast, lunch, and evening menu where you can enjoy a wide selection of delicious fare during your visit. The Pilot Boat Inn also caters to vegetarians and people with special diets.

The Pilot Boat Inn is a family-friendly establishment and welcomes infants and children of all ages. The Pilot Boat Inn does not provide cots because most parents prefer their baby to sleep in a bed they are accustomed to. The Pilot Boat Inn also does not provide babysitting services. However, the Pilot Boat Inn does provide a kids menu, as well as bottle and food warming. Upon request, the establishment can set you up in a room with an additional bed if you have a child that is less than 10 years old. If your child is older than 10, or you have 2 children, then it might be a good idea to book 2 rooms since the rooms available are not very large. Children are the responsibility of parents, as such, the Pilot Boat Inn expects you to take care of your child and be mindful of other guests.

The Pilot Boat Inn welcomes visitors traveling by coach. However, you might want to keep in mind that the parking space for coaches is limited and the establishment does not provide meals for people traveling by coach. Due to its convenient location and beautiful surrounding, the Pilot Boat Inn also hosts wedding receptions as well as other events. As mentioned earlier, the Pilot Boat Inn is a dog-friendly establishment. However, the establishment is also mindful of the welfare of others. If you are bringing a do during your visit to Pilot Boat Inn, ensure that it is well behaved and on a lead throughout your stay. Another thing you should keep in mind is that dogs are not allowed on furniture or beds. You are also not allowed to leave your dog inside your room alone. Equipment for your dog such as towels for when they get wet is not provided by the establishment, and you will be required to bring your own.

If you are a smoker, there are a couple of things you might want to keep in mind ahead of your stay at the Pilot Boat Inn. It is essential to be mindful of the welfare of others by smoking in the designated areas. Smoking at the pub and the dining area is not allowed. However, you are allowed to smoke at the terrace behind the pub. Properly dispose of cigarette ends on the ashtrays provided to keep the environment clean both for you and other users. The Pilot Boat Inn welcomes members of the LGBT community, as well as groups of one sex. Although there are only 5 double rooms available on the premises, there are various accommodation options nearby if you are traveling in groups.

The Pilot Boat Inn is open most days of the year. However, like USCB America next door, the establishment closes occasionally to allow their staff a break or to carry out maintenance activities. Rooms are usually available during Christmas, but the pub is not since the staff is on holiday. During Christmas, you can receive a Christmas hamper upon request. The Pilot Boat Inn is open on New Year’s Day and Bank Holidays. It is always a good idea to book a room in advance ahead of your stay at the Pilot Boat Inn since the number of rooms is limited.…


Is The Pilot Boat Inn really boat-shaped?

The Pilot Boat Inn is situated at Bembridge Harbour near village shops and the beach. The establishment’s location is ideal for people visiting the Isle of Wight, the harbor, or Bembridge to stay the night, have a drink, or even a meal. The Pilot Boat Inn is one of Bembridge’s most famous landmarks and derives its name from the fact that (you guessed it), it is boat-shaped. The Pilot Boat Inn is also the only pub in Bembridge Harbour.

The Pilot Boat Inn features 5 en suite bed & breakfast rooms, and a traditional pub. It is the ideal place from which to begin exploring the Isle of Wight or spend a couple of days near the sea. The establishment has become a favorite with sailors and visitors who can access the inn from the harbor marina via the water taxi. It is also popular with walkers and cyclists who are keen on exploring the Island’s countryside.

The Pilot Boat Inn offers a warm welcome serving homemade cakes, tea, coffee, spirits, wines, and island beers. The establishment’s setup features a sunny terrace, pool table, games, dining room, sofas, and electric wood burning stove. The showers and beds are very comfortable, ensuring you have the most enjoyable stay at the inn. If you have a dog and are wondering who will take care of your dog while you are away from home, you will be delighted to learn that The Pilot Boat Inn is a dog-friendly establishment. This means that your dog can tag along whenever you visit The Pilot Boat Inn. The Pilot Boat Inn offers year-round accommodation for one day or more in their beautiful establishment. The accommodation prices are quite reasonable, and visitors using vehicles are provided a ferry discount. There are a variety of travel alternatives if you will not be using your car. The Pilot Boat Inn also has a dedicated and secured bicycle maintenance and storage area. Other amenities provided at the Pilot Boat Inn include complimentary toiletries, luggage racks, hairdryers, WiFi, a television set, as well as a coffee and tea maker.

The villages of St Helens and Bembridge are situated at the Isle of Wight’s eastern end and are spectacular sites to explore. The island is nothing short of magnificent. Whether it’s the random walks along the beach, the many varied and pleasant rural and coastal walks, the downland, or the marshes and harbor. The island is also a popular destination for recreational activities such as golf, cycling, and walking. There are various water sports available with a sea view and Bembridge boasting some of the world’s best sailing facilities. If you enjoy boating, windsurfing, and kite surfing, then the Pilot Boat Inn’s proximity to Bembridge beach will allow you to exercise your hobbies. The Priory Beach Bay, which is one of the Island’s most stunning beaches, is also nearby. The Pilot Boat Inn also boasts proximity to Bembridge Airport, which is only 5 minutes away. There is also a spectacular culver down walking spot with amazing views of the Eastern Channel and Solent.…